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beTRUE Sponsors

From brand campaigns and hosting your own events to becoming a dedicated sponsor,  we are bringing you innovative ways to get involved — all year round!

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Over the past few years, businesses and brands have been looking to improve their internal practices and support for LGBTQ+, diversity and inclusion efforts. Through investing in work culture, benefits, anti-discrimination policies and marketing dedicated towards under represented communities, it has shifted mass acceptance and representation for many around the world. The work of equality requires many voices and consistent representation from all communities and allies around the world is creating a shift in positive change.


At beTRUE, we are committed to helping your business and/or brand connect with diverse voices to help raise awareness that you are a supportive and a loyal ally to under represented communities. We are offering multiple sponsorship opportunities from product placement, exterior ad placement, studio sponsorships, and more! 

beTRUE Media Kit (20).png
beTRUE Media Kit (20).png
Image by Efe Kurnaz

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